About WE

Wordsmith, etc. (WE) was originally founded as a marketing and public relations firm, serving a diverse set of clients throughout the northeast. As WE President, Sharon Tercha intensified her work in the community banking sector over the past decade, its focus grew to include customer relations and training. Using her 25 years of public relations know-how, Sharon evolved the concept of using mystery shopping, surveys, training and marketing collectively, to intensify relationship and ultimately, improve deposits.

Sharon Tercha

Tercha believes your results are only as good as the people researching your branches and data. That’s why she hand-picks and trains all members of the WE network personally, including the 15 WE mystery shoppers currently on reserve. By using a network of professionals, she is able to piece together the right team for your bank.

Is WE Right for You?

WE specializes in community banks across the country, ranging in assets from $250M to $10B. Because we insist on the highest quality and level of responsiveness throughout this intensive process, WE only accepts a finite number of Deposit projects each year.

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